V2 E30/36/46 Angle Blocks

V2 E30/36/46 Angle Blocks

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Includes all necessary hardware to bolt up to your E30/36/46 vehicle! These blocks are designed to work with your stock tie rods and ball joints to prevent routine spherical bearing replacement! They also incorporate the following features:

  • 100% faster steering speed!
  • Reduced ackerman for optimum wheel alignment at full lock!
  • Up to 50 degrees of steering angle with stock tie rods!
  • Up to 1.5"/38mm of roll center/bump steer correction - perfect for most "race height" cars!
  • Tapered ball joint and tie rod holes for proper fitment!
  • Lightweight, but strong 6061 aluminum construction!


Purchase a hi-clearance tie rod kit at the same time for a $10 discount!

Include Hi-Clearance Tie Rods?:
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